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Travel Pack 2oz | Bronze & Gold
Travel Pack 2oz | Bronze & Gold

Travel Pack 2oz | Bronze & Gold

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Rich Radiance is an all natural and organic product that offers a bronzed & golden glow. This body oil leaves skin feeling silky smooth and nourished with an added touch of shimmer. Your skin will feel supple, healthy and youthful. 



A nice dewy and glowing complexion. Very visible shimmer. Enhances a tan while nourishing your skin. Gives a nice highlight and brings attention to youthful and supple looking skin.

☑  Vegan

☑  Chemical Free

☑  Hand-made

☑  100% Organic & Natural

☑  Alcohol Free

☑  Fragrance Free


Shea Butter, Lavender Oil, Mica

Due to its purity, ingredients may settle. This is normal. Shake bottle before use for greatest potency. Do not use if allergic to almonds*