Remove Everything Towelette

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Our revolutionary Makeup Remover / Exfoliating Towelettes are no match for makeup, dirt, grime and dead skin cells. The weave and make of this towelette is designed to gently clean and exfoliate skin leaving you soft and glowing. All the while, greatly reducing the cost for disposable wipes. Did you know we use 1.3 BILLION wipes every singe day? Good thing our towelettes are washable, re-usable and last up to 6 years.


Dampen the towelette with warm water and squeeze out the excess. Gently scrub your face, neck and eyes to rid of makeup. Removes all types of makeup, even waterproof & sweat resistant makeup. Use of liquid removers are not necessary. Water is all you need (yes, really).  


Things To Know
- Traditional makeup remover wipes are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold. They contain preservatives and alcohol that can wreak havoc and cause breakouts on your skin. They do not have the ability to remove excess oil from your skin, evidently leading to build up and clogged pores.
    - We throw away almost 8 BILLION makeup remover wipes a year. Most makeup remover wipes are not biodegradable or recyclable and thus end up in our landfills at an alarming 20 MILLION pounds a day.


      On average you will spend about $150 on makeup remover wipes a year. Whereas, with a towelette you will spend $16-$40 a year.


      *We recommend purchasing two or three of these towelettes for traveling purposes and when the other is washing. Machine wash cold before use.