Our Story



I was always in love with the idea of the human body, specifically the skin. It's something we all have but still so unique to everyone. From an early age I was intrigued with what products we put on our skin and the effects they have on us, externally and internally. Skin is the first thing people see. I knew a lot of people, including myself, were chasing that 'perfect skin' but were confiding in products that weren't honest.

After extensively learning about the big worded ingredients on the back of virtually all skincare labels, i realized just how harmful most of the brand and products we trusted were. Thats when I decided to make my own with ingredients that were natural and pure, organic and not tested on animals.

I mixed and tested different varieties of lotions and potions right in my college dorm room. I wore my creams daily and proudly. After some time of using my own products, my friends and family started to catch on and soon they were asking me where they could purchase them!

I was delighted others wanted to wear the products I had created. I took that concept, looked up how to get a business license and learned to code a website. Now I have a place where everyone can enjoy wholesome and honest skincare products, worry-free. I have the highest standards when it comes to what I put on my skin and I know others do too. A lot of times when you give skin the opportunity to soak up really good products, it flourishes and thanks you.

"I always wanted to create something that would help people feel confident about themselves in a world that constantly tells us otherwise.