Your Makeup Remover Wipes Take The Blame

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Did you know what is actually in those wet wipes aka makeup removers you use on a nightly basis? Probably not. Being careful and meticulous with a good nighttime routine just doesn’t cut it when makeup remover wipes are out to get you and cause you even more breakouts. On top of being costly, makeup remover wipes really offer no benefit whatsoever for your skin and in return can actually damage your health. I saw somewhere that someone called them “Chemical Cocktails” and that couldn’t be any more true.

Makeup wipes don’t really remove all gunk that’s on your face because they cant get into your pores. They just lazily go over your face and remove only the surface grime. Without proper washing and exfoliation, makeup removers are really just pushing around bacteria from one part of your face to the other.

When you think about it, makeup removers are a total scam. They make you feel and look as if you have taken your makeup off but in reality they’ve made it even worse.

What’s Really Going on


Bacteria grows where there is moisture. Wet wipes are left on the shelves for weeks at a time. They are breeding grounds for bacteria and mold to grow. In order to keep these makeup wipes available to us for long periods of time, there is a need for preservatives like formaldehyde which is a carcinogen(cancer causing substance). Ironically enough, even though you are wiping away makeup, the residue(like alcohol) in makeup removers is still left on your skin causing you to dry out and breakout. Fragrances like grapefruit and rose are added in order to mask the weird smells and make it seem as though the wipes are fresh and clean to use. What you’re left with after using makeup removers is a trail of chemicals. This invites more bacteria and pollutants to land on your face.

Avoid At All Costs

It’s understandable that makeup remover wipes are super convenient and ready for us to use but the consequences that come with them just don’t match up. When you look into all the chemicals that you are literally wiping your eyes and skin with, it’s scary the impact that it can have on you long term. 

People who have eczema should avoid makeup remover wipes altogether. These wipes should be used only in an emergency and even then, always follow up with rinsing your face with water. If you have dry or sensitive skin, make sure to apply a moisturizer right after because makeup remover wipes will leave you extremely dry.

Oh and also, makeup remover wipes unfortunately don’t have the power to remove excess oil from your face. This leads to build up and clogged pores which results in more breakouts.

(It just keeps getting better and better huh?)

If you buy:


This makeup remover has formaldehyde and should be avoided at ALL costs.

The Alternative

Makeup remover wipes cost around $6-15 per pack which usually comes in a 30-day supply. Depending on how often you use them, that’s $120 average spent a year on makeup wipes and roughly $5,400 spent in 45 years… just on makeup remover wipes ya’ll. #Shook

All for what? More breakouts and serious harm done to your skin? No, thanks. 

The Good News

So we decided to let you in on a lil secret. We have been constantly using these because it is the holy grail of makeup removers without all the BS. Luckily, we are here to give you a safer and A LOT cheaper option for ridding your face of makeup (and not breaking out or breaking your bank while you’re at it). 

Wait for it…


Introducing the:

Eros Essentials Makeup Remover Towelette

Basically it’s a microfiber towelette that is designed to pull makeup off of your skin, gently. The fibers that are used to make this towelette are designed to absorb makeup, oil and dirt. All the while keeping bacteria away. They can easily be reused over and over again by just simply putting them in the wash. They not only are a one time purchase, so it’s good for your wallet, but they have no chemicals, preservatives, or carcinogens that will make you break out or irritate your skin like makeup remover wipes do. 

In order to use the Makeup Remover Towelettes, you just wet a piece of the cloth with warm water and start gently scrubbing your face and eyes. Rinse or wash your face with cleanser and pat dry. 

That’s it :)

We recommend getting two or three of them so that you always have one at hand while you are washing the other and for traveling purposes as well. These towels are absolutely a blessing and will make a really big difference on your skin, just like it has on ours.




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