A Personal Skin Story

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This is a short, real-life story of someone we asked to write about their skin experience in their most difficult times of their life. Here it is:


"Stress and what it can do to your beautiful skin. 

I have always been one to get compliments on how nicely maintained and beautiful my skin is. I would get asked 'what do you do to keep your skin so nice?' When really I didn’t even wash my face. 

All was well and good until I started to go through a lot of stress and trauma in my life. 


I have two beautiful children, which obviously raging hormones wouldn’t help during pregnancy. But the acne were only little ones that eventually went away without a worry.  

Once I went through domestic violence and I was under constant stress and anxiety, I broke out in cystic acne, but this was also because I stopped caring about looking after myself too. 

What stress can do to your mind, body and soul and yes SKIN, is traumatic. 

I tried so many different types of face cleansers and toners, the harsh stuff. 

Which, yes helped kill the bacteria but also hurt my skin in different ways. 

Happiness and finding a good place in yourself is such a big key to joyful and healthy looking skin.  But so is finding the right treatments, which I would say... whatever has the least chemicals. 

I am finally able to say that my children and I are in a good place in our lives, which means, so is my skin! 

Don’t ever take your skin for granted, always take care of yourself. No matter what."


- Hovey




 All of us have experienced stress in various ways. Our body deals with it in its own way as well, but it is our duty to try to take time and heal ourselves first so we don't cause further damage, physically and internally. Your skin is like a walking neon sign for what might be going on in your life. Sometimes not even the "best" creams and serums can fix it and that's okay. We aren't porcelain dolls, we have blemishes that pop out every once in a while... or more often than we'd want them to.

This is why we need to recognize that when we are under stress or feel overwhelmed, it is actually the most dire time to take care of ourselves.

So take that extra time to put on all of your lotions and potions. That extra love towards yourself will have an undeniably positive effect in times when you most need it.






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