What Skin Type Are You Really?

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Before you go and start buying every product on the market, it would be smart to know what kind of skin type you are. It is always recommended to take the time to learn your skin’s needs, so that you are choosing the right options to even out your skin and give it that bright and healthy looking complexion. To try and figure out what category you fall under, you can do a little test at home when you first wake up in the morning. Look for visible shine, if you feel any tightness, dryness or discomfort.

Skin types usually fall into five different categories: Normal, Combination, Oily, Dry and Sensitive.

Normal Skin
With normal skin, you will see no shine or tightness and no apparent difference in skin type between various areas of the face.

There is no real issue with normal skin, I would say if you fall into this category well then you are quite the lucky duck. Your skin is probably not too oily or dry and it most likely appears nice, smooth, healthy and clear. This skin type has a nice balance of moisture and oil, with good elasticity. It has an even tone all over the face and pores are hardly visible.

What did I say? LUCKY!

Combination Skin
You will usually have an oily T-zone with normal or dry cheeks. Or a little bit of both.

The oiliness stays more around the T-zone which is the forehead, nose and chin area. The dry zones are mostly around the eyes and cheeks.  Combination skin can be a little tricky to handle because you require different treatments on different areas of the skin!
Oh how fun skin can really be!

Oily Skin
If you have oily skin, it won’t be so hard to determine this.
You will see a little bit of oil production usually all over the face. Also pores will be more visible.

Some people have oily skin, especially in their younger ages which tends to give off that shiny looking appearance. People with this skin type also tend to be prone to a fair few issues like blemishes, pimples and blackheads. The skin can also look quite plump because the dead skin cells do not shed as quickly as other types.

Dry Skin
With dry skin, there will be a lack of oils and you can appear to have a fair bit of flaking with the feeling of tightness and being a little uncomfortable. Also regarding your age, you may see more of those fine lines.

Dry skin does not absorb and continues to hold enough moisture, which then causes more fine lines and wrinkles to elaborate more easily. Because of the lack of oils this reduces its ability to act as a protective barrier which causes fragile and flakiness of the skin. The effect of this issue means the skin is more sensitive and susceptible to the effects of external elements like pollution, UV radiation and the more extreme weathers. Because it is so dry, the pores are extra small.


Sensitive Skin 

This type of skin speaks for itself. If you have sensitive skin, you most likely have reactions to certain products that come in direct contact with your skin. People who experience sensitive skin also may have rosacea or eczema.

This skin type is one that is easily irritated and needs extra care when looking for skin products. You always want to reach for products that are extra natural and organic and are exceptionally hydrating and nourishing. 

In Conclusion
This is why it is so important to be using the right products for your certain skin type and not over do it.
Using the wrong products can lead up to more skin issues and introduce you to new skin conditions such as acne, congestion, dryness, sensitivity or trickier skin issues. To make sure you are using the right skin care for your skin type, check the packaging of all of your products! Luckily four you, we have done the research and have created a few products that suit all skin types. Check out our Pumice Cream Cleanser and our Ultra Hydrating Night Cream!

This is a MUST!



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