Summer Skincare Routine

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Summer is a time to grab a bikini and head over to the beach or pool to get some sun right? Well, before you swap out your winter coat for your summer sandals, swap out your skincare products too. With every changing season, your skincare routine needs some extra tweaking. 

Why, you might ask?

Well because your skin changes in different weather. Summer means hotter temperatures, more humidity and sun burns. In order to prevent this, we advise that you change your skincare routine as follows…

Wash Your Face

Start your day by washing your face with cold water, not warm! This is important because you’ve been sleeping for (hopefully) awhile and your skin has built up sweat and oil overnight. 

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize

After washing your face in the morning, the next thing that you should do is MOISTURIZE! We cannot stress this enough. Even though it seems as though it’s already hot and muggy outside, that can actually put your skin into overdrive where it produces more oil, causing further breakouts. Moisturizer is to your skin as water is to your body, so let your skin drink up. Make sure to grab a moisturizer that also has SPF of 15+ as well. No matter what, this is something you should use anyways because your skin is very susceptible to aging when it’s exposed to sunlight. Pay some extra attention to the skin around your eyes and don’t forget about the neck, it’s just as important as the face!!

The way that SPF works is the number it claims, for example “SPF 15”, means that your skin will be protected from the sun (UVA & UVB light) for 15 minutes, after that you will need to reapply. If you’re out and about and will be exposed to sun for more than 20 minutes, help yourself to some sunscreen of SPF 30+ and don’t forget to reapply.

Putting On Makeup

Although summer is hot and sticky, you might still want to put on some makeup here and there.  We recommend that you wear light/whipped foundation. If you can, avoid it all together, but if you’re still finding that you want to cover up some blemishes, try something that is not oil based as to not clog your pores. Add a little waterproof mascara and pop on some light gloss and you should be good to go. Less is so much more when it comes to makeup in the summertime.

Night Nourishment

Your classic year round nightly routine might not cut it when it comes to those hot summer nights with the fan blasting. Having a good night routine is probably one of the best things you can do for yourself, and trust us when we say that your skin will thank you. First thing’s first, wash your face with lukewarm water. Your skin has probably been out in the sun all day so replenish it with a moisturizer that contains aloe, vitamin C and antioxidants. Don’t forget the eye cream and lip balm and you should be good to go.

Just as important it is to enjoy your summer beachside with a cold glass of something fruity (and maybe even alcoholic), it is even more important to protect your skin from harmful sun rays. There’s nothing worse than having to sit out of fun activities because your skin isn’t on point. After all, summer IS Glow Szn so wash, moisturize and repeat.




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