How deep does the skin REALLY go?

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There is so much more to the skin than just what you see. Even skin guru's don't know the in's and out's of the way that our skin works and all the layers that are involved. Fret no more though, Eros is here to educate!

Let's start from the beginning

Firstly we have the Epidermis which is our top layer, the protector and also the first line of our defence. Being very tough and resilient.

One very cool fact is that our epidermis is waterproof, this is why every time we bathe, we do not swell with liquid. 

We are also protected by germs because of our cellular structure of the epidermis so this means when our skin is healthy with no breaks, it is very difficult for bacteria and viruses to enter. 

The epidermis cells are that amazing and flexible that it has the ability to regenerate, or grow back, unlike many other cells in the body. 

When we suffer from a sore/wound, healthy skin can heal and replace damaged cells without an issue.

It keeps going...

We then have the Dermis, which is just one step deeper from the epidermis. This part is the thickest of the skin that contains the blood capillaries, sweat glands, nerve endings, hair follicles and other structures. This provides strength and flexibility to this very fibrous and elastic tissue. Another type of little pocket, or gland, in your skin makes oil. The oil keeps your skin soft and smooth but sometimes the glands make too much oil and give you pimples. 

Last but certainly not least!

The deepest part, just beneath the dermis is the Hypodermis, which is mainly used for fat storage. This is also called the subcutaneous fat, which functions as insulation and padding for the body.

There is so much to our skin that we need to be taking care of, not just the outer layer. 

Look after your layers. 




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