Natural Skin Care For The Win

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Nowadays it seems so easy to forget what’s good and what’s not when it comes to skincare products. With such good branding, marketing and packaging all combined, everything seems “clinically tested” and “organic & natural”. So how can we tell if a product is actually good for you?

It’s really simple. Go natural and stay that way. 

What’s Really Going On

When you use natural skincare products, unless you’re allergic to an ingredient, there should be no reason why it causes havoc on your skin. Natural products are so simple. There’s no chemicals, preservatives or fragrances that irritate your skin, oh and most of them are noncomedogenic!  Side note: Did you know that fragrances are just chemicals that are used to mask the smell of other chemicals? The high end skincare products are usually full of chemicals that make the product feel all satiny, soft and smell good. All those extras though can actually irritate your skin, make you breakout and led to more health problems than you may not know of. 

Why You Should Stick with Natural?

“Cosmetics are sort of the last unregulated area of consumer products laws… I can’t overstate how little law is now on the books. The FDA virtually has no power to regulate the products we use everyday”, says Scott Faber, Environmental Working Group’s vice president of governmental affairs. 

The European Union has banned 1,300+ chemicals for use in cosmetics, whereas the U.S has only banned 11……… Uhm, what???

 This seems very unsettling and honestly should be alarming you. This is a big reason why you need to rely more on natural products because they provide a safe and sure way of knowing that you’re putting wholesome products on your skin. 

 Did you know that 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream? That means that your immune system, reproductive and nervous systems are all affected if you use cosmetic and beauty products that are not natural. 

What To Do

Self regulation is the only regulation. Make sure you choose natural ingredients over ones that look pretty or smell super luxurious and nice. Remember that they were modified to be that way. Remember that they will have more of a negative affect on you than a positive one. Ease your mind by choosing natural skincare products, that way you know you’ll be using the best without the repercussions. 




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