The Spot Pimple Patches

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We ALL get blemishes and acne, but now we don't have to cover them up with a ton of makeup! These patches are designed to absorb toxins trapped under your skin. With zit zapping ingredients, that absorb blemishes and help heal, the different sized pimple patches will also prevent you from picking at your skin and causing further damage and scarring.



Thoroughly cleanse your skin and pay dry. Choose a patch that fits around your blemish and stick it directly on top. Follow up with the remaining of your skincare routine, avoiding the patch. Leave patch on for 8-12hrs. Peel off gently.

Estimated Results

Helps heal your blemishes by directly targeting the affected area. Powerful acne-fighting ingredients aide the blemish to flatten out and resolve quicker. 


Salicylic acid (anti-inflammatory and unclogs pores), tea tree oil (disinfecting), vitamin a (nourishing and hydrating), hydrocolloid (absorbs excess fluids and oils)


Caution: For external use only