When Happiness Meets Your Skin

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Happiness plays such a huge role in how our skin is feeling and what it looks like each and every day. Have you ever had someone tell you “Wow your skin is glowing”? Usually, if it isn’t some amazing glow product, it's probably because you might be feeling happy. It's no secret that whatever we feel, will always show on our face. Some people may hide it better, but the skin will always tell. Your body and skin are like inseparable cousins. They work simultaneously and very closely. They feed off of each other and therefore always tell each other everything.


The Science Behind It
Happiness helps to release all those wonderful, feel good hormones which include: endorphins, oxytocin and serotonin. Feeling good will help your blood circulate easier due to oxygen flowing freely throughout your body. Your skin will repair and regenerate itself quicker when your mood is better. Your brain signals your body to release the chemicals, dopamine and serotonin, to the spinal cord and to the brain.

Not only does feeling happy release good hormones, but it also helps to avoid the release of stress hormones that inhibit the production of helpful and healing elastin and collagen. 


Interpret Your Surroundings

If you are wanting to look and feel better, you need to be taking care of yourself and your skin. 

Start trying to figure out what makes you happy in your life and what doesn’t. Don’t run away from happiness, be more open to it. Law of attraction is such a big part of this. You need to believe you and everyone around you is deserving of happiness. Smile when you wake up and be grateful for the things you do have.

And as you know... drink plenty of water, it helps your skin and your overall health and energy. Keep that face full of light and moisture.
You are beautiful. Believe it.

Positive lifestyle, positive appearance.

The biggest secret to a healthy appearance?  Feeling HAPPY!














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